Keep all your data in one place

Easily track and manage online donations and reduce manual work every step of the donation process.

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Customized Gifts

Why you need a donations and fundraising management solution

With your branded and personalized donation application form, the product does the work for you. We streamline donations requests – ensuring non-profit organizations can easily submit their needs, and you can manage the communications.

  • Branded online reports
  • Smart forms
  • Automated responses
The Optimy Solution really makes our management process so much easier!
Marie-Hélène Chênebeau

The best features, for you, by us.

Through our tools like automated scoring and collaborative reviews, you can speed up your donation requests by 3x. Through data and automation, you can ensure you align your company’s vision with the right nonprofit missions.

  • Automatic scoring
  • Automatic filtering
  • Automatic delegation
  • Application ranking
The Optimy Solution is really valuable to us!
Laurence Cuisance Kindraich
Build stronger purpose
Your HQ

Say bye to time-consuming manual work

Our platform gives you a central HQ to manage all your gifts and hospitality operations, from reviewing the budget to allocating tasks with your team. You have your finger on the pulse of all activities with your team.

  • Workflow automation
  • CRM
  • Integrated collaboration
  • Budget
  • Central dashboard
Excellent tool to centralise all of our projects and to have a global view...
Olivier Landry
Communication Manager

All your donation management tasks in one platform

You want to increase employee engagement and amplify corporate donations? Optimy helps you do that. And more.

Support your employees and the causes they believe in

Keep an eye on the efficiency of your donation projects

Secure payments

Centralize all your efforts locally and internationally

Adds real value to our management process, by collecting information and generating tailor-made reports
Joël Brouwers
Sponsorship Director