Contact management

Manage all your contacts and automatically link application data to contacts

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Manage all the contacts in the tool

Capture all the contacts in the database, link them to projects and organisations.

Invite contacts to work with you on an application

Use the contact database to invite people to review applications or if you have specific needs while working on a project.

Organise your database

Having all the info relative to the projects is a way to have a complete and coherent database. Link the contacts to organisations and to projects, so that you have an exhaustive overview of the data.

The contact management system:

  • Enter the information of every contact that you have in the database;
  • Put the information relative to them, documents, organisation, all that can put the contact into a context;
  • Use the contact database.

Great for

Giving coherence to the contact database

Having a tool to store the contacts and managing them easily

Getting a complete tool with all the data needed

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