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Collective Notes

Make it easy for contributors to work together on applications through collective notes, making sure that all of your team is up-to-date with the projects at hand.

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Collaboration notes:

  • Invite the other departments to work in the tool;
  • Grant them access;
  • Choose the rights that you want them to have;
  • Manage them as a group.

Great for


Ensuring continuity


Team collaboration


Coherence of the work


Keep track of all the notes

By collaborating directly in the project’s record, you are sure that the collaboration is done on the right basis. The other users can see the information relative to the project that they are working on. Plus, you don’t lose any info, everything stays linked to the record.


Centralize all the notes in a project’s record, don’t leave anything in excel or emails anymore

You keep all the information in the project’s record. This is the end of the incessant switch between multiple apps. All the relative info is kept in one place.


Make the comments accessible to all team members

By using the project’s notes, you make sure that all your team is aware of your note. If someone is on holidays or ill, you can still work on his or her projects.