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Generate the charts that match your needs

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Generate custom charts

  • Create a new chart;
  • Choose how you want to show the information;
  • Choose the fields to display;
  • Generate the chart;
  • Keep it in the dedicated space;
  • Download the view at any moment.

Great for


Reporting on a visual basis


Oversight the evolution of KPI’s


Comparing the different charts


Report on all your activities

Thanks to this feature you can report easily on every data that you want as long as it is included in the database. This way, you can ease the reporting process and communicate better about your activities.


Choose how to display the information

When creating the chart, you choose the way to display the information. This way, you ensure that it is presented the best way for people to understand.


Use any data available in Optimy to create the reports

All the data stored in Optimy is available for you to create the charts. See and compare easily the exact data that you want! As long as it’s stored in Optimy, you can put it in the chart of your choice!