Centralized Dashboard

See the projects evolutions, the tasks, messages and many more in your project management dashboard!

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The centralized dashboard from which you can do it all:

  • See the progress of the projects;
  • Look at your messages;
  • Know what tasks are pending;
  • Have direct access to the feature.

Great for

Optimizing the work of every user

Quickly stay up-to-date

Go from global to specifics

See all the applications in one place

All the applications are in one and single place. You can review them by characteristics.

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Check all your activities in one look: messaging, tasks and many more!

That’s all it takes: one look. You quickly see what’s next to do.

Customize all the elements from the dashboard

Optimy is a software that you can entirely customize yourself. From the dashboard, you can access all the features and fields that need to be customized.

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