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How Fondation Groupe Primonial automated its processes with Optimy

The Primonial Group Fondation used to work with manual tools that took them too much time. The team was eager to find a way to energize their processes, mostly the discovery and monitoring to find innovative activities to support.

We moved from manual work to digital with Optimy, which saves time for the whole team.
Clare Rigaud-Perut
Project Manager
The foundation

A few words about Fondation Groupe Primonial

During the covid19 period, in May 2020, the Primonial Group Foundation, housed by the Fondation de France and in line with the Fondation Financière de l’Echiquier was developed.

The Foundation's goals is to promote the enhancement of an inclusive society and equal opportunities at all scales. This is why the Foundation supports various actions in the fields of education and social & professional integration. Given the current situation linked to the covid19 outbreak, their teams decided to adopt a health axis at the same time. 

Headed by a strategic committee, several engagement committees, and a team of 5 people, the Foundation brings together 30 projects supported per year and more than € 25,000 to support various associations.


The challenges: Boost the process while maintaining contact with the teams

The work of the Project Manager within the Foundation involves a scrupulous study of grant applications. These grant requests come from associations active in the fields supported by the Foundation.

Before Optimy, the internal process relied on the use of a manual tool and basic functionality offered by the Excel tool.
So far, the process was way too time-consuming. Thus the goal was to find a more dynamic way to manage and monitor everything. Automation seemed the perfect solution to allow the team to maximize their impact.
Because employee engagement is also key, it was essential to maintain contact and offer projects corresponding to each person's affinities while always being linked to activities in line with the values of the company.

Automated project analysis

Thanks to Optimy, the analysis of submitted projects is more efficient. The automation of the instruction process allows associations' information to automatically feed their identity card into the system. That way, the identity cards are automatically generated and this makes it easier for the whole team.  

Integrated messaging

The integrated messaging feature offers teams the ability to maintain contact with all stakeholders via a single tool and avoids them to face a lot of information scattered over several platforms and different tools.

Optimy Support and Custom Modules

Since Optimy offers customization and close support, the Primonial Foundation benefits from key support, making it possible to choose the features that truly meet their needs. The range of possibilities offered by Optimy allows the Primonial Group Foundation to feel confident and to be able to think about adding functionalities if the projects require it in the future, without fear of tedious and difficult implementation.

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