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La Francaise des Jeux is making a bigger impact

Optimy makes things easier. The surface is nice and intuitive, there are always solutions, and it's always agile.

Optimy makes things easier. We have a lot more requests thanks to the tool, which is very positive for us. The surface is nice and intuitive, there are always solutions, and it's always agile. We saved maybe half of the time, that's huge.
Celine Aubree Bafaro
Responsable Engagement Parties Prenantes Fondation FDJ
The foundation

A few words about the Foundation

The FDJ, Française des Jeux, is the official lottery in France and the second largest in Europe, reaching a public of 26 million players. The company consolidated a corporate social responsibility commitment 25 years ago when they created The FDJ Corporate Foundation. The organization promotes equal opportunities to vulnerable audiences supporting social integration projects that use play, collaboration, and creativity as tools to boost learning.

For more than one decade, they used to input everything manually. From the application of the projects, passing through selection, data management, and financial reports; the process generated much paperwork. Due to the waste of time in hand-operated procedures and the effort to manage everything by phone calls and emails, they needed a tool to enhance the speed and efficiency of the project’s administration. And they find at Optimy the perfect solution to boost their foundation endeavor in the CSR initiatives.


The context in which the FDJ evolves

The FDJ Corporate Foundation is investing in sport, disability, and community support, preventing addiction and combating fraud.

One of the examples of their social responsibility during the last three decades is the commitment to sports activities. They awarded more than €220 million in 2016 to the French national sports development center, the CNDS – Centre National pour le Développement du Sport.
Another example is the Le Passe-Partout project, from a collaborator located in the North of France. In 2018, a physically disabled person created a type of trolley to carry his child to the beach. He could not move on the sand, so he needed money to set up the prototype, which he had already created with metal bars and tires. FDJ supported the project, which enabled him to make four prototypes that are being tested in his city.
Those types of projects illustrate the breadth of community projects that are supported by the FDJ Corporate Foundation, coming from large and small sizes. Using Optimy, they can create three types of forms and easily consult the project’s repositories using a dashboard to manage and extract data.

How using Optimy helped

According to the Responsible of Stakeholder Engagement at FDJ, Celine Aubree Bafaro, the company can now receive more requests, manage more projects at the same time and save 50% of their time with the Optimy Solution.

Thanks to the centralization of applications, appointed by them as one of the most significant advantages, the efficiency of the team increased: “It’s reassuring, more secure, easy and we can contact, control”, Bafaro explains.

Bafaro also points out that the product is not the only positive point of the Optimy solution. She reveals that the customer service impresses her by its agility: “I’m very happy because there’s a real sense of service, which I had before and got back with the customer success team. There’s a real sense of speed; the Optimy team saves my life every time, it’s really appreciated.” Celine Aubree Bafaro, Responsable Engagement Parties Prenantes Fondation FDJ

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