Plan for the future with an in-built calendar

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The calendar feature in Optimy:

  • Enter the calendar;
  • Define your view per characteristic: projects, status, date;
  • Directly access the projects from the calendar.

Great for

Have a vision of what’s planned

Plan ahead on the basis of what is scheduled

See the duration of each project

See when your events, activities or projects are taking place

In one glance, catch when your different activities will happen. See what are the busiest times and plan ahead. This enables you to avoid work overload.

Calendar_Website Screenshot 1.1

Easily access your projects

See your projects in a timeline and directly access them from the calendar to dive into the work. See easily what you have to do in the following days and weeks.

Filter the view depending on what you want to see in your calendar

Customize the calendar according to what you want to show. This way, you can plan according to your needs.

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