Budget tracking

Manage and keep track of your budget.

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Create as many budgets as you need and define duration for each

Creating different budgets, defining a period of time for the tracking, those will enable you to make comparisons. This can ease the evaluation of a particular segment of the work.

Follow your expenses and revenues for each project in detail

Create a budget tracking process that dives into the specifics needed in order to satisfy the reporting.

Ensure an accurate follow-up on your spendings and gobal revenues

Create budgets with categories and subcategories per department and/or activities. This way, you can oversight the evolution of the spendings and revenues. 

Budget tracking for project management:

  • Create budgets for specific segments;
  • Organise the budget according to what you want to see;
  • Update the projects’ budgets ;
  • Take a look at your expenses and budgets presented very efficiently.

Great for

Reporting to the board

Oversight the budget

Measuring the ROI

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