Well known women and their well known philanthropy work


Chime for Change was co founded by Beyoncé and Salma Hayek. The singer’s funding raising area is known to be amongst Women & Girls, Global Poverty, Education & Youth, and TBD. Chime and Change is a global campaign to raise funds and awareness for girls and women around the world. Alongside that, the Run The World singer also launched a philanthropic initiative called #BeyGOOD to help the homeless, sick children, and the unemployed.

J.K. Rowling

Known as a billionaire from her books, the author of Harry Potter is no longer called a billionaire due to her giving to charity. J.K. Rowling gave away 16% of her net worth, or $1 billion, the amount high enough to put her on the Forbes list of richest people in the world.

Ellen DeGeneres

The TV host, Ellen DeGeneres is well known for both her talk show and her giving efforts. DeGeneres supports numerous organisations and has also won many awards for her charitable efforts. Often Ellen also invite guests on to her show and make an impact to their lives. Recently for Ellen’s Birthday, her wife also surprised Ellen with a Birthday gift of having her own wildlife fund, The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund as Ellen is a lover of animals.
“I love animals, and I want to protect them, especially when they’re endangered. We need these incredible creatures and they need our love and compassion to help save them.”
– Ellen DeGeneres

Philanthropy Advisor Sabrina Zuchello on the influence and power of Women in Philanthropy

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