This week in Philanthropy – week 41


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Farmhouse took part in philanthropy to support Leukemia and raise awareness

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Farmhouse Fraternity continued their Totally BALDacious philanthropy event on Saturday 7th October to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
In the previous years  they have raised $5,000. This year’s goal is to aim for a higher amount of $6,000. There were no rules or requirements for the people who are being shaved. Everyone was just having fun with the looks.
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Future of philanthropy on campus improves due to transparency

University of Nevada, Las Vegas is changing the way that philanthropy is being approached on campus. The development leader explains that transparency is the way forward.
Other nonprofits may be spreading marketing messages for more donors to act upon it however they are more likely to donate if they can see that they are going to make the differences and that where their money is going.
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Chinese businesswoman receives Carnegie philanthropy award in New York

Mei Hing Chak receives a Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy in New York for giving and creating a world of positive change.
The award was given by the Carnegie family of institutions since 2001. The aim of the award is to inspire a culture of giving and recognise those who reflect the values of Andrew Carnegie and his philosophy of giving.
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Philanthropy plays a big role in recovering damages from two storms

Source: Delta Sigma Phi

An estimate cost caused by the damages from storm Harvey and storm Irma was $200 billion and only took just hours to destroy Texas and Florida.
Private foundations across the country were quick to act: Operation BBQ Relief provided 370,000 hot meals in Texas alone in a period of 11 days and composed of 158,000 pounds of pork and 18,000 cans of vegetables.
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