How to use Social Media for your Sponsorship

With many new brands entering different industries, brands compete with each other to gain more brand awareness. Sponsorship seems to be the way forward when it comes to bringing your fans directly to your brand by giving them the feel of what your brand is about and what your brand can offer to them.
When it comes to it being digital though, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to blow away your budget by sponsoring the media but there are indirect ways that will get your brand into the digital world.
Give this article a read to find out what the trends are. It will help you take steps towards the right direction if brand awareness is what you are looking to work on.

The unavoidable Social Media platforms

If you were sponsoring an event, the likelihood of it being broadcasted and shared on social media is high. People that attend the event will most likely share it to their personal account about their whereabouts sometimes with opinions along with it too. Some may even film it and share it on Youtube and when it’s on Youtube, many more people will see it and share it on their social media accounts. The cycle goes on… and so does the benefits.

It’s about how the the audience feel

Remember what’s on the web 2.0 is permanent so it is really important how you have your audience feeling during the sponsorship. What your audience share on social media will give off a certain vibe to your brand so ensure that you’re with it at your best so they can do the same for you.

Get the Hashtag trending

Go digital to the next level where you get everyone at the event interacting about their experience with a hashtag on social media. When the audiences share on social media using hashtag, it can either go trending because it was a mind blowing experience and the world needs to know or it wasn’t what they expected. The opportunity is yours to take!

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