Top 4 things data and cloud-based software simplify in sponsorships

Did you know that around 40% of world’s population has an internet connection today? We’re speaking of over 3 billion people around the world!

Online storage forms like clouds and software are carrying out amounts of information that no human brain or no physical library could handle. Sharing data has become easier than ever and is used by more than 80% of the people both in B2C and B2B markets.


Cloud-based software and data make sponsorships grow faster and this is why…


Easy and Fast   

The days when sharing information about sponsorship management activities between organisations departments all around the world took days are long gone. In 2016 it literally takes seconds while data is available to the right people at whatever location. So as long as there is internet connection anything can be accessed easily!

Shared and Automated

Today, it takes you around one, max two clicks and the information you want to share or access is available on whatever device you and other people have access have. Online platforms are also ideal for collaboration purposes within sponsorships. Multiple people edit and collaborate on a single solution. Everything is automated – no more worries about who made the latest version, just track it down! Every update is shared between you and other people having access which keeps everyone organised and on track.

Secured and protected

Most of the cloud-based solutions always require a secured registration and a log in which means that storing sensitive, confidential information becomes more secure than if you had it in a folder, on paper somewhere laying on your desk. Data is encrypted any time of the stage meaning that no unauthorised users can access it. Backups or copies can be easily made so that the information wouldn’t just ‘mystically disappear’.

And the best is… Cloud-based solutions are invisible!

There is no physical presence so you are no longer paying rent for endless paper journals to be packed up and to never be found and opened again. Rooms and buildings are for people to help the company grow not for piling up tonnes of unsorted files.

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