Technology and Big Data collection slowly changing the Sports Industry

“Every […] CEO in every business is dying to have fans”, those were the words of Vivek Ranadivé, leader of the ownership group of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings. This goes about laying a strong emphasis on the importance for all types of businesses to generate fan like customer loyalty and devotion to their products or services. If so can be the case, we can only begin to grasp the benefits for such organizations striving off of their clients attraction and devotion to what they have to offer. In this respect, the sports industry is proceeding to implement technological advancements to their advantage in order to raise client satisfaction overall by making sports events a more enjoyable convenient experience:
Upped Player performances

The success of a sport event usually lies on the performance of the competing teams; as the performance gap between to teams is reduced the interest in this particular event grows for its fans. In order to make the experience more enjoyable for die-hard fans as well as for management purposes, the NBA has decided, for the 2013-2014 season, to make use of six “big data” collecting court cameras. These cameras equip all courts of all NBA teams and strategically monitor all ball and player movements during each and every game. This data is directed at the management who analytically transform it into valuable information to make the best managerial and team arrangements thus improving performance and making events more enjoyable for fans looking for top grade competitive meets. Performance is also ameliorated as players can access all data collected on any other rival or team player they whish, enabling them to adapt to different players’ styles. Realistically coaches and the team management staffs must not get carried away as according to Philadelphia 76ers general manager and president of basketball operations Sam Hinkie “Fundamentally, success is still about the judgment of the people you put in place” Nevertheless more interest is brought to the sport day in and day out.
Grown Convenience:
Several studies have shown that a large proportion of sports fan make use of their own technology during sports events, whether it’d be at home on the couch or in the stadium itself.
In sports arenas, arrangements have already been made to set up Wi-Fi connection as it has been brought to light that an average of 70% of fans bring and use mobile devices within the stadium. The Sacramento stadium is set on exploiting this informative reality in order to improve fan experience by making attendance more convenient as
“Sports is a people business, so we’re looking for ways to use technology to further engage with people,” [John Abbamondi, vice president of the NBA’s Team Marketing & Business Operations division]. This would be achieved by enabling attendees to use their mobile devices for the checking in process and providing cash commerce, for seat upgrade and in seat wireless charging capabilities as well as finding their seats and the closest bathrooms. Work is also being done on enhancing social media experience for sports fans by reducing the technological gap between players and their followers through live player reactions on various social medias. Integrally fulfilling client expectations, thanks to technology and brain matter, would generate sizeable business positivity and is a challenge for all businesses to undertake and overcome.

Sponsors Benefits

Sponsors see strong interest in this technological reorganization greatly benefiting their brand exposure as a stronger link is being developed between fans, their teems and the sponsors that are an omnipresent constituent of what the sport industry is today.
Here we clearly distinguish that the sports industry in general is taking a new turn. “Is this mostly financially driven of will the fans clearly benefit as much as finances are inflated for the decision makers?” This is still in the dark but to be carefully monitored as more and more stadiums rise to technological heights.
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