Sponsorship, a way to increase your brand awareness: the example of Huawei

The article written by Lara O’Reilly Publisher on The Marketing Week explain us how Huawei decided to use sponsorships (especially its sponsorship contract with Arsenal) to double its brand awareness in the UK. The brand reached a considerable success on the Asian continent as last year, the company’s profits have increased by about 34%, which represents approximately £2 billion in China.

However, so far Huawei has the last place in the smartphone market in the UK, shortly after Motorola (1.3%) and LG (1%) with only a 0.9% market share. That’s the reason why in January, Huawei signed a sponsorship deal with Arsenal for the next two years. This sponsorship agreement plans a biggest brand exposure during the matches and contains a clause which allows the brand to use two players image: Jack Wilshire and Mesut Ozil. The aim of this action is to increase the visibility of the brand in the UK market. The smartphone manufacturer also launched the Huawei Cup football tournament, in which customers, employees and partners were invited to play together. Besides, Huawei also supports actions for children in the local community.
This long-term strategy can lead to sales increases and a better brand recognition. It seems it is already the case in France where the brand signed another sponsorship agreement with the football club PSG. Indeed, according to an article from Solveig Godeluck in Les Echos, in the end of 2013, 27 % of people questioned in a survey had already heard about Huawei, against 12% the year before.

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