How to make sponsorship deal management more efficient?

Qatar 2015 is the Organising Committee of the Men’s Handball World Championship. The Committee manages many sponsorship accounts and potential sponsorship deals that needed a solution to:

  • Centralise the information about all sponsorship proposals to facilitate their management
  • Easily share information between new and existing members of the team
  • Generate a report for the board to analyse the status of the sponsorship

In this context, the organisation chose Optimy to put in place a software which allows the Committee members to:

  • Easily follow up projects thanks to the centralisation of all information (contact details, summaries of meetings, etc.) and documents (contracts, logos, etc.) in a project record
  • Manage the projects from a single dashboard
  • Move the projects through the decision process in one click, thanks to several statuses
  • Extract Excel files to present to Board meetings

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