Sponsorship activation & technology : the example of Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings recently announced it will sponsor the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida from now on, as Alicia Jessop mentioned it in her article published on December 17 in Forbes. This change comes as a strategic one to draw more attention about the brand in a sports event.

Buffalo Wild Wings’ culture has been tied to sports since its beginnings. Vice president of marketing, Bob Ruhland comments: “we are so aligned with sports that getting involved in that space on a college and professional level is our sweet spot”.
Sponsoring New Year’s Day bowl game comes as a logical move. On one hand, it drives fan awareness and on the other hand, it allows the company to “activate its fans in the restaurant”.
However, sponsorship alone is not enough, that’s why the brand has decided to launch two campaigns at the same time. Buffalo Wild Wings hopes to fully capitalize its sports sponsorship thanks to the development of a contest using a gaming platform (GameBreak) that should draw people to the restaurants. The other campaign also aims at engaging with sports fans by making them come to watch the game in Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant on New Year’s Day by inviting them to participate to a competition. Ruhland explains:” We wanted to create a game that will make us the official hang out for New Year’s Day football games”.
The firm should continue to use technology to attract more clients to its restaurants since it has identified its MVPs as young and digitally savvy people. “We want to create an environment where they can be digitally and socially active in the restaurant”, Ruhland declares.
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