Sponsorship activation: which role for social media?

Social media are essential in all communication campaigns. They can also be used to activate sponsorship campaigns, to create a relationship and engage an audience during an event.
Some interesting campaigns are listed here : http://www.sporttechie.com/2013/06/10/best-sports-sponsorship-activation-practices/
Another case which can be useful is Emirates, the airline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that was founded in May 1985 by the Government of the UAE. Indeed, the company focuses a lot on sport sponsorships as they have signed sponsorship deals in tennis, soccer, F1, sailing, golf and many other sports and events. On almost every event around the world the name of the Arab airline appears.

But what about their presence on social media? According to an article that Chris J. Reed wrote, the airline could do a better job to activate and promote their sponsorships on social media. For example, on their Facebook page they focus on Arsenal and hide away all their properties. On Twitter the author found it hard to find anything about an Emirates (official) account and their media accounts are not updated on regular basis. As a consequence, the company is not very visible and sports fans or the audience will not relate events sponsored by Emirates to the brand. They can also miss commercial opportunities.
To optimize their sponsorship actions, the brand should update their accounts with more information, such as videos or interviews and mention all of the sponsorships and properties that they have.
The challenge for each sponsor is to succeed the association between their event and their social media campaigns.
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