How Sponsors use the Paralympic Games to promote their Corporate Social Responsibility

The Olympic Games in Rio this year have seen some great sponsorship campaigns. Today is the official start of the Paralympics – yes, the Games are not over yet! – providing another great opportunity to sponsors. The Paralympic Movement and all participating athletes represent courage, determination, inspiration, and equality – values that organisations would like to be identified with as well. Brands sponsoring this movement are automatically perceived as caring and inclusive, a cause which is definitely worth investing in at times where CSR activities are a must-have for organisations.

Allianz raising awareness

The European financial services company is determined to support the Paralympic values. It is an official partner of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and holds local partnerships with 14 National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) around the world. Their goal is to “increase knowledge and raise awareness about para-athletes and the year-round events in which they compete” (Allianz). Their video campaign featuring para-athletes such as Paralympic swimmer Ellen Keane, or Long Jumper Markus Rehm supports the message “The world belongs to those who dare” – and we dare say that they hit the mark when it comes to representing a socially conscious organisation.
Atos reducing the Olympic carbon footprint

Another official Olympic and Paralympic sponsor is Atos, the IT services corporation that goes beyond delivering technology. They claim to have a significant impact on reducing the carbon footprint of this year’s tournaments by replacing the need for servers with a Cloud-based solution which lowers energy consumption and creates a sustainable model for future Games to come. What an amazing initiative, after all this is a principle we know well since the same environmental-friendly idea moved us while creating our eco-friendly Optimy software.

Samsung UK combining fun and sports

As part of Samsung’s Social Media campaign #SchoolOfRio, British comedian Jack Whitehall meets up with different Olympic and Paralympic athletes to learn from “the best Team GB has to offer” (Samsung). Para-athletes Ellie Simmonds and Susie Rodgers were part of one episode, demonstrating the show-off that size or disability is not an obstacle when it comes to practising sports.

No matter what cause or event you sponsor, it always spreads a message about your ideals and values. Sponsorships can be a great way to position your organisation in a certain light and put emphasis on causes that really matter to you and your employees.

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