Are you a sponsor and do you face these challenges? (1/6)

Today companies choose sponsorship to get closer to consumers through diverse and exciting experiences.
However, managing sponsorship activities can be complicated.

As professionals specialized in IT management solutions in this field, we help solve many problems that are faced by sponsors in the daily management of their activities. We will discuss these challenges in a series of articles.
Our first topic:


Companies are requested on a daily basis to support a wide range of projects in areas such as culture, sports and others.
The volume of requests and the large number of channels (email, fax, mail, etc.) make processing and analysis extremely difficult. Organisations are often unable to analyze all incoming projects or to give an answer to each project submitter. This can easily lead to corporate image damage.
What is the best way to deal with this problem?
To improve their efficiency, companies are advised to adopt a streamlined and automated process. Optimy offers a solution that allows to implement a process based on the needs and characteristics of each firm. This allows to:

  • Route all requests (email, paper, or phone) to a single channel (an online customized form).
  • Standardize requests to receive complete information and to save time in analysis.
  • Filter the incoming requests to select those that meet specific criteria (You support only the projects related to health? Sports? Which take place in a specific region?)
  • Route requests to the appropriate team based on specific criteria
  • Effectively follow the requests throughout the full decision-making process
  • Ensure a systematic and personalized response to each request by re-using email templates
  • Archive information for later use
  • Generate live reports (number of applications received by location or category, number of rejected projects, etc.)

Having a defined process, and a specific tool to implement it, are key elements to overcome the common issues of a non-automated process and to better manage daily requests. This ensures a systematic and personalized response to each request which is key for any brand!
Our users estimate that Optimy is profitable from 100 received applications per year, and they decline on average more than 95% of all requests.
Topics to come:

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