Social media sponsorship – a way to reach a larger audience

The article written by Serge Valentin and published in Les Echos, try to explain us the evolution and the added value of sponsorship thanks to social media. Even if traditional marketing is still used, its digital form can complete it and add extra values. Thanks to a wide range of possibilities which came with internet, the digital marketing is used to reach a much larger audience.

Sport is constantly in digitalisation. We can follow everything that happens on social media. Besides, everyone is present there and share information: players, teams, organizations, etc. In terms of sponsorship, these tools provide to brands an essential and focused showcase for their products. In addition to a traditional marketing strategy, social media offer a new way to communicate, and give the possibility to players and clubs to directly interact with their fans, and vice versa.
Brand endorsement by players is evolving as well. For example, Nike, the official sponsor of Cristiano Ronaldo wanted the star of Real Madrid to post a photo of himself with the new Nike shoes on Twitter to reach his 26 million followers. Sport has become an advertising medium which associate sponsors and players in a relationship of true co-branding. In social media sponsorships, the player followed by thousands of people speaks instead of the brand, which allows to take advantage of the trust relationship between the player and his fans.
Social networks are now integrated into a comprehensive communication strategy around the sponsorship as they bring a real plus to attract prospects and possible future clients.
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