Sammontana go green

Today, sustainability is a matter everybody cares about: institutions, companies and individual citizens.
Sammontana, the Italian giant in the ice cream production for the past 70 years, has started a “Green” revolution in its activity.
In July 2016, the company signed a voluntary agreement with the Italian Ministry of the  Environment, by which they commit  to calculate, reduce and compensate the Co2 emission produced in the various stages of the production process of the Barattolino and Fruttiamo.
Besides the agreement mentioned above, the company also decided to undertake other actions:

  • Testing the poly-coated paper packaging of Barattolino Ecopack.
  • Launching a new product line in which, from the very beginning, ice creams are produced without using cow milk which means lower CO2 emissions.
  • Support Legambiente in its campaign “Clean beaches and seabeds”

The Legambiente initiative‘s aim is to clean beaches and seabeds along the Italian coastline.
Sammontana therefore launched an online contest for consumers, who voted online, from a choice of forty-five beaches chosen by Legambiente, which beaches they wanted to clean.
Twenty beaches out of forty-five have been chosen as winners and cleaned by Legambiente volunteers together with Sammontana.
Among the beaches with the most votes were Punta Penna beach in Abruzzo, Vernazzola beach in Liguria and Scala dei Turchi beach in Sicily.
From the 26th till the 28th of May 2017, all the volunteers of Legambiente and Sammontana engaged themselves  as “beach cleaners”.
This initiative is part of Filippo Sciacca’s concept of social and territorial marketing, a new model of community engagement which aims to increase socially useful activities for the territory.
Companies invest into their public image supporting sustainability and increasing their social reputation.
Even the consumer undertakes an active role, becoming  an agent of the firm’s activities and an ambassador for the brand’s values. [1]
The partnership between companies and its consumers helps to support sustainability and to give a practical answer to environmental issues.
The environment is a collective value whose preservation needs to be maintained by everyone: citizens ( in this case consumers), institutions and corporations.
It is therefore essential to share our responsibilities and for this reason it’s becoming ever more important to create new empowerment models.
To this end, Sammontana is leading the way with innovative and sustainable initiatives.
At the same time, the consumer, by choosing to buy products with low environmental impact, takes part in the company’s project of bettering the environment in which we live.

Article written by: Lucrezia Fratocchi

[1] From the article  “L’Oréal ridona la bellezza all’arte
Image: Sammontana