Recap: Optimy at Think!Sponsorship Conference

Just two weeks ago Optimy was at the Tower of London. We didn’t just visit the UK’s capital for its many attractions, but for an important event that was taking place – the 23rd ​Think!Sponsorship ​conference ‘​Beyond ​Branding’. It was excellent!

On 21st April 2016, we seized the opportunity to explore ​how ​sponsorship ​is evolving ​to ​tackle ​increasingly ​complex ​objectives. During the Think!Sponsorship conference we went​ through ​a ​series ​of ​case ​studies, ​breakout ​discussions, ​keynote presentations ​and ​workshop ​sessions.

Over 180 people passionate about sponsorship attended the event, known to be the meeting ground for sponsorship professionals in the UK and abroad. Speakers representing sponsoring businesses including Deloitte, British Gas, Jaguar Land Rover, EE, RBS, Accenture and many more took the stage to discuss how sponsorship is evolving to answer ever more complex marketing objectives.

We were trying to find answers for many questions on sponsorship: ‘Are sponsors brave enough when setting targets for their sponsorships?’, ‘Can sponsorship solve parts of the consumer distrust problem?’. The panel discussion about pushing the boundaries of sponsorship with Deloitte, Jaguar Land Rover and The Royal Bank of Scotland was full of inspiration! For example, the idea of Jaguar Land Rover to try tie their sponsorship and CSR together was the start of a great discussion.

We are pleased to have met so many inspirational people. We’ve come back with new ideas on how to continue improving our tool to make your sponsorship management even easier!

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