Optimy from Inside: meet the team – Amandine Moutaud

AMO.jpgName: Amandine
Surname: Moutaud
Position: Online Marketing Manager
Nationality: French

Marketing Team: How did you start at Optimy?
Amandine Moutaud: My story with Optimy dates back from my studies. I first joined Optimy when I was looking for an internship to complete my Master’s degree in International Business. As I always liked languages, I wanted an internship abroad. At this time Optimy was hiring marketing trainees and it was a perfect match.

MT: Tell us about the beginning
AM: Being in a start-up was a real challenge especially because I didn’t know this world at all. My previous internship took place in a multinational company active in the bioanalysis industry. Basically really different. But I thought “Hey why not?”. And I was right. I loved it. It was tough but I learnt so much! Working in a small team was great.

I also discovered a real personal interest for a new industry I’d previously known very little about: software and technology. To be honest, it was made easier thanks to the user-friendliness of the tool. I got into it without any help, and this is a major strength for a software. Today, online tools are everywhere and modern life depends on them. We use them to be more efficient at work, we use them at home to track our sport activities and so many other things!

It’s so enjoyable (and efficient!) to use them in just a few clicks.

MT: And now something funny about working at Optimy!
AM: The team was at the beginning much smaller than today and when I think about it, it’s amazing to be part of the growth of a company. I have experienced many changes during these years. For example, what was the Sales & Marketing department grew very fast. I still remember when I was working in the same room as the CTO, the Customer Experience Manager and a Business Developer, and that I was told to close my laptop each time I went to another room to prevent my antivirus software from mysteriously turning into Japanese! (Don’t try it, especially if you didn’t turn the voice over off)

MT: Let’s go back to business: how do you see your Marketing role now?
AM: From a (more serious) marketing point of view, our communication has really evolved. We now have customers coming from all over the world thanks to our online marketing. Thanks to better organisation we’ve increased the efficiency of the marketing department. We are more present on social media, we have worked and continue to work a lot on our website, we attended the CeBIT for the first time this year, amongst many other events too! To keep it short, we have boosted Optimy’s visibility on the web and caught the attention of many people all over the world.

What’s the next step for us? To keep building and spreading Optimy’s brand image worldwide.

MT: How would you describe the atmosphere in the company?
AM: Even if the company is growing up, we still keep the start-up atmosphere. Cool, friendly and fun (well, we’ve stopped jokes about to laptops and antivirus software!), but also challenging and goal-oriented. We’re indeed all focused on one goal: making Optimy successful in every possible way!

Image:  Designed by Freepik