Optimy from inside: meet the team – Christophe Dreuw

NCDR-1.jpgame: Christophe
Surname: Dreuw
Position: Business Developer
Nationality: Belgian

Marketing Team: What is your role within Optimy?

Christophe Dreuw: I am Business Developer responsible mostly for the German-speaking market.

MT: Why did you decide to join Optimy? 

CD: After my studies I was looking for a job where I could benefit from my language skills (I have studied Conference Interpreting in Mainz/Germersheim, Germany). I wanted to get back to Brussels, the plan was to join a startup company, where I could learn a lot and be in direct contact with people. I was really glad to get a job at Optimy where I can create things on my own, be a part of a project and not just be a number in a huge machine-like organisation.


“Our team is made up of more than 30 people coming from 14 different countries, giving it dynamism and an international outlook.”


MT: In your opinion, how do you think your contribution is adding value to the team/company? 

CD: I inform myself about different solutions and to find out how we could improve, to suggest some ideas which can be beneficial for the company. If an idea gets implemented, it is a great feeling to contribute to a real improvement and change of Optimy!

MT: How’s the working atmosphere at Optimy?

CD: The atmosphere is really good! Optimy is a small but growing company. You are basically sitting right next to the CEO, playing ping pong or table football together, eating lunch together. It is a good mix between working and having fun together.


“Everyone gives their best: even interns know that they can contribute to an actual change”


MT: What was the most interesting project you have worked on?

CD: One of the most exciting projects I am working on is taking part of the internal Q&A’s. During the Q&A we collect the questions we receive from customers and try to find together with the team the best solution. That way, we ensure the best Customer Experience for our customers and we all contribute to help the tool evolve.

MT: What do you value most about your experience/work at Optimy?

CD: I’ve been here for 2 years now. At the beginning we had to move fast, it was really interesting and exciting. What I value most? Sharing information. I am learning different things. At the beginning I didn’t know much about marketing or Customer Service. Now I am often involved in marketing projects or working with our Customer Experience team. It is great to be part of different projects, to keep on learning and to develop your skills in different areas.

“I am learning different things. It is amazing how you can develop your skills in different areas.”


MT: You seized the opportunity to take part in two events in May: Swiss Foundation Symposium and German Foundation Congress. How was it? Would you like to share some impressions with us?

The two events were completely different. It was impressive how well organised they were. It was quite a challenge to connect with people due to the size of the events. But I really enjoyed participating in them, both of them were a great opportunity to exchange, participate in discussions or workshops!