How to move from spreadsheets to a software for foundations

As your organisation grow, you must find a way that you can collect data in a non time consuming way. It will help you keep track of everything that is happening within your organisation. Data will enable you to analyse what may be possible reasons for the growth so you can continue to focus on the same tasks to help your organisation grow faster. To collect data itself is already time consuming let alone for it to be accurate. Collecting accurate data may be challenging when your organisation is rapidly growing.
But hear this out, a software will be able to help you through that struggle. Transferring your organisation’s data to being on software is not difficult at all. Give this article a read to find out how and why.

Why should you switch to using a software

When your organization require you to collect a lot of data from applications through spreadsheet, you may never know whether you’ve made a mistake or not because you will feel like you are following the flow by filling in the information you are given. But you can never risk your organisation’s data if you will have an opportunity to analyse through the reports what is and what isn’t working.

The perfect time to move from spreadsheet to software

Moving your organisation’s process from spreadsheet to software when you are mid taking in applications is going to make it hectic for you and sometimes may cause confusion within your organisation. The best time to move from spreadsheet to software is when you have closed the current funding project and have chosen the right applications to fund. You can switch to using software when you finished with the project you are doing and before you start off with another one. This way, you can start from fresh and everything will run smoothly.

The benefits of a software

You’ll be getting accurate information

When you have switch to using software, you no longer have to worry about receiving wrong information because you will see what you have been given in each application. Any information you request will be given to you accurately. Unlike when you have to manually do everything yourself, you may have to look through each application individually and put the information on spreadsheet.

You’ll receive data without having to spend too much time on it

Manually filling in information yourself is extremely time consuming and if you discover a mistake, it will also take another long process to correct all the information to being accurate. It will take you even longer to find the mistakes because you may have to go through files after files. No longer worry if you decide to switch to using a software because just ask for it and the software will extract all the data you’ll ever need for you in no time and you can choose to export it in your preferred format.

You’ll be able to focus on strategies

When your organisation is already growing, you are going to have to focus on the strategies to make your organisation stand out and grow it even more! No longer waste your time on small tasks like this when you have a software to do small jobs for you.

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