Meet MyStatistics, the new feature we developed just for you!

As our users know, Optimy is built around them. Being customer-oriented, we’re constantly listening to their feedback and developing new functionalities according to their needs.

We know that keeping track of projects by effective reporting and evaluation of their performance over time is one thing. Being able to compare their results with those of others in the field takes it to a whole new level!

In response, we’ve unveiled the power of measuring their outcome against the average of other customers. The days of being in the dark when it comes to this are about to end now with the introduction of our latest feature: My Statistics.

Not just a pretty interface

Better yet, have you ever wondered if other users do as well as you at exploiting the potential of Optimy? Do they collect their data better than you do? We’ve developed a user-friendly dashboard which gives you an overview of your key figures at a glance. Additionally MyStatistics provides access to the average and median results of our other customers, telling you exactly where you stand.


The new feature brings together the numbers that may help you improve your own performance. Take as an example:

  • The number of project owners: Of course, this number will grow over time, but it is still interesting to see the potential of your sponsorship or grant activities.
  • The average response time: Are you below the average? If yes – congrats, that’s awesome! If you take longer you might want to work on that to ensure everyone is kept posted.

We at Optimy are always looking for new ways to improve our Solution that will benefit your activities. This is only the start in the development of this new compelling feature and you can be sure that there is much more to come. Do you want to find out more about Optimy and all its features?

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