Living the Dream: Working at a Cloud Software Company in Belgium

Concluding my elite rowing career, the dream to live and work overseas became possible. To accomplish this dream, I made the solo leap to London. My wife then started a master’s in Leuven which lead me to seek employment at the Belgian sponsorship and community investment management software company Optimy.

My first observations at Optimy were:

#1 It is fast growing  

#2 Cloud software companies don’t need much physical infrastructure.

A corridor, some rooms filled with Ikea desks and people on laptops were all the physical evidence of one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. It seemed as though Optimy could relocate in less than an hour. We did exactly that during my second week, wheeling our chairs to a newly designed and painted office next door. I was part of Optimy’s next big step.

Three words are at the heart of Optimy’s success: Energy, Focus and Responsibility.

Energy is key according to CEO and founder Kenneth Berard. To move fast takes hard work  and everyone at Optimy puts in unrelenting energy with Kenneth leading the charge. Arriving early and leaving late, he is an unstoppable force driving the firm to success. His energy is infectious and myself and others use it to overcome daily challenges.

Focus, is gathering this energy and directing it in order to achieve greatness. Optimy, although changing shape, is directing energy effectively to sustain almost exponential growth. The business development team for example, are setting effective strategies to bring stability. Optimy’s leadership is building focused and scalable processes for growth, channelling the team’s boundless energy toward success.

Responsibility and people willing to take it, are what startups rely upon. There is much to be done and everyone has opportunity to shoulder some load, there is no room for neglect. Optimy has done well in recruiting people willing to take responsibility. Growing a culture where colleagues are looking for what needs to be done rather than saying “it’s not my problem” is a big part of Optimy’s success so far.

Each of these three traits contribute to Optimy becoming world leader in the near future and I look forward to being part of this success story.

Dreaming of  joining our energetic and international team? Now this is possible as we are hiring!

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