Infographics: Why community engagement is good for your organisation

Have you ever heard of a phrase, “you get what you give”? Same with community investment in a way because imagine if you want a community to help you with for example a market research, the only thing that will make the community willingly want to help you back would be because you’ve made an impact within their community as an organisation. This then can be seen as something that you can give in return.

Why community engagement is good for organisation:


Market research

When your organisation has an intention of being involved with community engagement, most times, it would be to solve some problems. Being involved means that your organisation will be able to discover what the community is like (consumer behaviour) and see what is missing and what the community needs (market research). This, on the other hand, as well as helping community, your organisation is gaining a very in depth market research which can be reliable because this is done through experiencing it.

Understand your consumers

Throughout the whole process of being involved in community engagement, your organisation will have a clear understanding of the community. This way, you can make changes to your organisation in terms of what the community needs. Your organisation is more likely to expand and grow if it was really solving people’s problems because you’ve discovered that from being involved in community engagement.

Gain trust

Investing in your community will help your organisation gain their trust because you’ve helped them solve some problems through the community investment programs. Once you’ve gained the trust, this is a good starting point to get them to invest back in your organisation. Most times, we would only invest in things that we recognise and trust. Community investment is then a good starting point.