Infographics: 5 Reasons why community engagement is good for your organisation

Community engagement will benefit your organisation is so many ways. These points will help you understand some of the many benefits that community engagement can bring to your organisation.

Build trust and brand recognition

When your organisation invested in the community, this is an indirect way to get the community to trust in your brand’s mission and recognise your brand for a good cause. Not even for the sake of wanting a better brand image but purely for doing something good to make a difference within the community. When the time comes for the consumers within the community to choose between your brand and another brand they haven’t heard of before, your brand will be in the lead without doubt.

Creates solutions that are practical and effective

When your organisation spent some time making a difference within the community, your organisation will be able to fully understand what exactly it is that the community needs and this way, when it comes to business side of things, your organisation can provide a solution through the products or service that your organisation sells.

Understand the economy with the community

This element can help you with how much your product or solution should cost within this economy. If you don’t understand this or understand what’s affordable for the community then you will not get them investing their money in your product. In order to get them investing in your product, you must first be able to understand what they can afford so you can set the right price for the solution.

Create local networks of community members

Word of mouth are a better form of advertisement than any other forms. If your organisation creates a local networks of community members, you will have those members injecting the value of your organisation to others and the cycle goes on – community engagement can help to build the network through those who see the value in what your organisation have done.

Create several opportunities for discussing concerns

When you engage your organisation with the community, doing something to help make the society a better place – your organisation is internally building a relationship with the community. This way, your organisation can also ask the community about and concerns or problems that they may need a solution to – you can then offer solutions through the products that you sell or through CSI. Either way, you now know your consumer’s behaviour and you will be able to provide a product or service to sell that will help solve their problem.