How to succeed in skills-based sponsorship? [infographic]

In today’s world, helping out others has proven to make yourself feel better. What a nice idea, and yet it is the principle of skills-based sponsorship. While this is still a French trend, skills-based sponsorship is getting a bigger place in companies, in favour of the associations.

Skills-based sponsorship is a more “social” community investment compared to classic grant activities. Let’s focus on its precise definition. What is called “skills-based sponsorship” is the fact that a company allows some of its employees to work for free for an association during their working-hours.


Skills-based sponsorship is a more “social” community investment compared to classic grant activities.


The goal is to support this association through different kinds of tasks : legal expertise, IT education, helping disabled people, etc. This lending of workforce doesn’t need to be official but an agreement must be signed between the three parties involved in this sponsorship (company, employee, association) in order to fix the objectives.

Why involve yourself in skills-based sponsorship?

Even if it is a bonus in terms of personal development, skills-based sponsorship seems to be beneficial for the three parties involved: employees who want to give sense to their own lives can here find a mean to express their needs and feel more engaged in their company and in the association in which they are volunteers. Of course, the association itself also benefits from their professional expertise.


Skills-based sponsorship is beneficial for the three parties involved: the employees, the company and the association.


On company level, there is a real potential to boost the CSR policy and the HR one through this type of actions. Moreover the company can benefit from a tax exemption because skills-based sponsorship can indeed reduce the salary cost of the volunteer. This is why 31% of French big companies are already engaged in this journey. Discover by yourself the key figures of skill-based sponsorship in our infographics:


*Figures from 2014-2016

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