How to get started – implementing CSI to your organisation

Implementing CSI to your organisation is pretty simple, said so many people – but do they actually know the process or why they are doing it? Let’s just begin with how to get started, shall we? Just start taking actions towards making it happen! This article will be a rough guide to support the webinar that we will be running for FREE of charge (or to watch back) with Abby Clemence, from Infinity Sponsorship who have years and years of experience. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to learn from Abby and ask her any questions you may have in mind to help you get started with Corporate Partnership?
Here are some words from the CEOs of large companies
“We are committed to creating economic value, but we are not indifferent to how we do it. Progressive businesses are gaining a competitive advantage by responding to societal signals. We prosper by helping society to prosper.” Idar Kreutzer, CEO, Storebrand.
“We believe that the leading global companies of 2020 will be those that provide goods and services and reach new customers in ways that address the world’s major challenges”—including poverty, climate change, resource depletion, globalization, and demographic shifts.” Niall Fitzgerald, former CEO & Chairman, Unilever.

Understand the cause

The cause is easily understandable if it aligns with your corporate value and you see every reason why the changes should be made for the better. To be in a corporate partnership for CSI purposes, you need to have an understanding why your organisation is suitable and why it is capable of making this change; produce a summary of your corporate mission to tackle this change, this way, the partners can understand why it must happen then you can move to the next step.

Developing a strategy

Having an understanding stops at that. To make this happen, work out a plan and develop a workflow to ensure that every action taken will help you meet the goal of making the change. To have a workflow is also going to help the whole process run smoother. If any issue arises, you will have a backup plan. Having a workflow will help you see the overview of what is happening throughout the whole project – it will also help you identify any issue that may arise if something does not go as planned.

Setting targets

To invest in something is to also understand what you are going to get back in return for this investment. Yes, it is going to be making a difference, but in the real world, you would also want to know how you are going to benefit from this. It doesn’t have to be something major if your aim is to fully make an impact. It can be from helping your corporate gain more brand exposure to helping your employees see that your corporate really does believe in your values by making a difference.