How does Audi Belgium efficiently manage its sponsorship requests?

Audi has been Germany’s leading automotive manufacturer since 1998. The German company successfully designs, engineers, produces, markets and distributes luxury automobiles worldwide.

This year, Audi BE has closed a partnership deal with Belgian football team RSC Anderlecht and this will continue for the next 4 seasons. While Audi’s sponsorship and partnership department has created a series of campaigns and activities for the club and its fans, the RSCA players and staff will represent the brand by driving Audi cars.

With this new partnership, Audi BE reaffirms its position as a dynamic sport oriented brand since they already sponsor other teams, including Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Chelsea and AC Milan.

It is easy to imagine that Audi BE receives a large number of sponsorship and partnership requests. How do they manage them efficiently?

They streamline the flow of incoming requests by collecting them through a single entry point, a customizable online form present on their website, that has to be filled in with standardised data regarding the project. This way, instead of receiving multiple requests from multiple channels such as telephone, e-mail or fax, they can receive the requests through one single channel, review them on equal terms and save a considerable amount of time.

Moreover, all the requests received are well organised: every request received appears on a single dashboard with the key information highlighted, which makes the review process easier. Audi BE also uses templates of answers to ensure that each project submitter receives feedback at every step of the process.

With the information collected, Audi BE can create reports and keep a record of all their activities, allowing them to better manage their sponsorship and partnership activities.

To make this possible, Audi BE has used Optimy since 2011. The customer-oriented sponsorship and grant management software is trusted by more than 120 organisations worldwide.

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