Generali aims to a green future

Many companies are moving towards a greener profile.
Our client Generali has recently approved the climate change strategy, committing to gradually abandoning the coal industry and increasingly start investment in the green sector.
With this strategy, approved by the Board of Directors on 21 February 2018, the Group has decided to no longer invest in companies linked to the coal market. Investments in this sector will be brought to maturity or even disposed. As far as the green sector is concerned, the intention is to increase green investments to 3.5 billion euros by 2020.
The decision is in line with the principles of the UN Global Compact to which Generali has adhered since 2007 and is also in line with the Paris Pledge for Action defined at COP21, to which Generali adhered in 2015. The Group wants to establish an increasingly constant dialogue with its customers, stakeholders and issuers to facilitate the transition to an increasingly sustainable society and to promote this change in a low environmental impact.
This choice may seem courageous to some, but it is still consistent with Generali’s commitments to put sustainability at the heart of its investment strategy.

Article written by Lucrezia Fratocchi and edited by Alessandro Beasley