Gender gap in sports and sponsorships [infographic]

Although women in the household make most of the purchase decisions and are projected to drive 70 – 80% of all consumer purchasing by 2018, according to professional services firm EY, studies have proven that only 19.6% of sponsorships target women as the primary market.

A very successful story confirming that targeting women and promoting female athletes pays off is Under Armour’s, the American clothing and accessories company, campaign “I will what I want”. The powerful campaign featuring many female influencers like Misty Copeland, the American ballerina, Lindsey Vonn, an Alpine skiing professional and Brianna Cope, a pro surfer, received a 52% positive sentiment where on average an advert receives 5% according to Repucom. Taking part in sport drives long-term interest and fan engagement with the brands associated and builds a bridge towards understanding consumer behaviour when empowering and inspiring women.

See our infographic of the highest celebrity endorsements in sports industry compared below. If you’d like to learn the 6 reasons why sponsors should invest in women, click on this link.

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Women and sport – Insights into the growing rise and importance of female fans and female athletes, report by Repucom