The 3 funniest commercials announcing sponsorship deals

Sponsorships are great opportunities to build a brand image. They can be important, sometimes expensive projects on a global scale that require careful attention. So once you decide to become a sponsor, how do you announce this fact to the world? Conferences, press releases, official announcements – that’s for sure.

But why not use a fun way to communicate it to your audience? Catchy, creative- people can’t miss it and you can be sure that it will become viral immediately. That’s how you create buzz around your brand!

Let’s see some examples of funny announcements of serious deals!

1. Hyundai Tuscon sponsors National Football League 
‘NFL fans express their love for the game in unusual ways. Because football.’ And Hyundai decided to communicate the sponsorship in an unusual way as well! Simply commercials with which NFL fans can easily identify themselves. And that’s the key.

2. Emirates is main sponsor of SL Benfica

Emirates’ crew demonstrated ‘safety video’ on a stadium, in front of 65,000 Benfica fans as main sponsor of SL Benfica. Now that’s how you support the team, entertain the audience and boost your brand awareness!

3. Kohl’s Oscar Commercial
This year Kohl’s replaced JCPenney as the retail sponsor of this year’s Oscars broadcast. To announce it Kohl’s released adverts that took a snippet of famous acceptance speeches and put it in the mouth of people in everyday situations. For example, that’s Whoopi Goldberg in 1990, accepting her Best Supporting Actress award for Ghost.

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