The Perks of an Employee Volunteer Programme

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What is an Employee Volunteer Programme

Put simply, an EVP is an organised programme by a corporation or business which allows their employees to volunteer for local causes. They usually offer their employees an incentive to take part, such as a certain amount of days paid to go and volunteer. This is usually a part of a companies corporate social responsibility (CSR). This is their responsibility to do some good in the world and to give back. For example, courier companies are aware that they give off a lot of bad emissions therefore many companies CSR strategy involves lowering emissions with electric vehicles. Find out more here.

Perks of an EVP for your employees

During our research, we were shocked to see how many benefits there are to an employee volunteer programme! One of the most impressive being the perks for employees. A 2017 study by UnitedHealth Group showed that 81% of employees believe that in companies where there is a volunteer programme there is a better working environment. This means improved morale in the office, better productivity from team members and for employees feeling happier about their work.
Improved morale in an office is a huge benefit as this creates an atmosphere that people enjoying working in, which means your employees would be more inclined to stay and not move to another company.
An improved environment will also mean an increase in recruitment. Candidates are more likely to find you, saving you time. Millennials are becoming the largest percentage of employment at 54% today and growing. Millennials have much stronger opinions than other generations, this is shown by the fact that 60% check a company’s social impact before accepting a position. This generation is looking for ways to have a positive impact on the world and for opportunities to develop, both as a person and within their careers.

Perks of an EVP  for your brand

In a world where everybody has a voice (and opinion) that can be shared around the world in a click of a button, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. And yet a companies online presence is the biggest factor and beginning of their brand awareness. More and more people are spending more time online, with the average person spending 135 minutes a day on social media platforms. Content marketing is the best way to connect with your audience through social media and an employee volunteer programme can help with this.
Volunteering in your local community is already naturally improving your brands’ awareness, with the local community seeing and meeting your employees. However, with the use of photos, videos and blog posts, you can push this material to the entire world!
Photos of your employees helping people in need will show a positive and human side to your company. These photos are more likely to be shared and commented on by your followers, extending your reach.
Videos allow for the same response as photos, but have an even more heartwarming effect! With the right music and language, these videos can touch a person in a way that photos can’t, leading them to remember your brand and using you for their next project/buying your product.
Blog posts allow your employees to give their voice to the project. They can write about their experiences, how they have helped others and how it made them feel. This is great for your brand! Showing that you care about your employees and their voice. This is also a great way to reach potential new recruits, giving them access to your workspace before applying for a position.
These are just a few of the positive aspects of an employee volunteer programme, for further insights and to see how your organisation can implement one, click here and download our FREE white paper. The decision to start an EVP should be an easy one, and we want to help you all the way through! From implementation to successful management with the Optimy tool. Find out more here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]