Corporate partnerships and fundraising

An organisation investing in CSI is good but when more than one organisation join forces as partnerships to make a good impact – greater things can happen.
Outline of what Corporate partnerships and fundraising are:
More than one organisation have an agreement to make a better impact through CSI by fundraising together to achieve their goals. This can be done by contributing to financial support, resources, or requesting donations.
Corporations can be in partnerships when their goal of making impacts align. In order to also benefit as an ROI from this good cause, the organisations itself may have to align with each other to an extent in order for the partnerships to work.
A breakdown of how to choose a partnership for your CSI mission:

  1. What is your organisation’s main mission?
  2. What is your organisation’s vision?
  3. Who are your consumers/audiences?
  4. Does the mission of the organisation that you want to partner with aligning with your organisation’s mission, vision, and/or helping you achieve the goal you have in mind for this CSI project?

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