Corporate partnership and sponsorship of cities

In her article published on October 6 in the Moose Jaw Times Herald, Lisa Goudy addresses the matter of cities which opt for sponsorship and partnership and gives the example of City Councilor Patrick Boyle who recently proposed a new strategy for the city of Moose Jaw, Canada.

Indeed, in a speech given during a council meeting, Boyle proposed that Moose Jaw considers using partnership and sponsorship as a means to fund public facilities. According to him, corporate sponsorship and partnership represent an opportunity for the city.
In his address, Boyle mentions the example of the city of Toronto which has already developed a corporate sponsorship and partnership office in charge of finding and using city properties for marketing. This office takes care of looking for new and innovative partnerships with businesses, community groups and individuals to collaborate on projects, build infrastructure and deliver programs and services to its citizens. In particular, one of Toronto’s partnership policies involves the naming rights that are a type of sponsorship in which an external partner receives the exclusive right to name a City property under specific terms.
Boyle said that by doing so, the City of Toronto has collected $25 million in revenue per year. Following this example, Boyle
suggested that Moose Jaw starts offsetting public properties to spare money.
Another argument was the increase of the sponsorship industry over the last years. The Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study reported that sponsorship industry has risen by 41 per cent since 2006. Today, it represents $1.6 billion with 22 per cent of it being local sponsorship.
Other City Councilors from Moose Jaw argued that such a strategy would be a lot of work for whoever is chosen to manage it while the administration is already overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks but some appreciated the idea saying that citizens in the City of Moose Jaw have already paid for most of the city facilities.
Eventually, Boyle’s motion was carried unanimously.
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