Companies with Incredible Environmental Sustainability

The avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

Companies, large and small, all have a responsibility to help the environment. We live in a world that we are, sadly, destroying and the only way we can slow down, and potentially stop, global warming is if we all do our parts. Sustainability is a way for companies to do this and many organisations have great environmental initiatives in place.

2018 GLOBAL 100 Sustainability Report

Corporate Knights completed a report analysing the top 100 sustainable companies. They researched 6,000 companies whose revenue is over $1 billion and analysed;

  • Energy use
  • Carbon
  • Waste
  • Clean air production

As well as these they looked into how the company is run;

  • Taxes paid
  • Innovation expenditures
  • Diversity of leadership
  • Leadership compensation
  • Suppliers for the company
  • Employee turnover
  • The link between sustainability targets and senior executive pay

This extremely thorough report has listed Dassault Systemes, a French engineering software company, as number 1. Their board is strongly represented by females with only a small gap between the pay of the CEO and employee and paid over 26% of earnings to taxes over the pat 5 years. All of this on top of its environmental efforts!

The CEO & Vice Chair, Bernard Charlès commented saying “Dassault Systèmes is honoured to be recognized as No. 1 by Corporate Knights for our vision of harmonizing product, nature and life and for implementing this vision in everything that we do. “In the virtual world, we can simulate and evaluate impacts before producing the product itself. What is more, virtual worlds help people imagine differently; they extend and improve the real world. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables innovators to play a major role in inventing sustainability models. We help them create things in ways that have never been used before, just as we help the workforce of the future learn in ways that have never been applied before. The record-breaking Solar Impulse solar-powered aircraft, the winning teams of the Hyperloop Pod Competition, optimized services that benefit city stakeholders, the additive manufacturing of aerospace parts that reduces their weight by 80 percent—we could proudly pick examples from any of our 12 industries of activity.”

The remaining in the top ten include;

  1. Dassault Systemes
  2. Neste – Finland
  3. Valeo – France
  4. Ucb – Belgium
  5. Outotec – Finland
  6. Amundi – France
  7. Cisco Systems – USA
  8. Autodesk – USA
  9. Siemens – Germany
  10. Samsung SDI – South Korea


Environmental Strategies that Stand Out

It’s hard to stand out of the crowd with environmental strategies, as now all large corporations have something in place to make a difference. This isn’t just because it’s the right thing to do, it’s also as it creates brand awareness among their audience. Consumers are becoming more and more interested in organisations involved in good causes and actively boycotting brands with bad CSR and buying products that do good.

Couriers and automotive companies have the highest pollution rates, with high carbon emissions. However, many are becoming carbon neutral by doing good for the environment. A lot work on this by using (and even designing their own) electric cars. UPS, Royal Mail and Hermes have already tried and tested some of these new vehicles, find out more here.

Ford Motor Company have a ten-part environmental policy in place to help lower their emissions, which has been in place for years. Incredible 80% of Ford Focus and the Escapes are recyclable as they use sustainable fabrics. They optimise their fuel efficiency whilst using their paint fumes from the plant are recycled as fuel. Ford has the worlds largest green roof and is the only company to have won the Energy Star Award, EPA, twice in a row.

One of our amazing clients, Johnson & Johnson manufactures personal care products that are environmentally responsible and have been leaders in this category for more than 20 years. They also have strategies in place to reduce waste during manufacturing and distribution, through sustainable products, packaging and hybrid vehicles.

One of the biggest sport clothing brands in the world needs to have a good sustainability plan and Nike doesn’t disappoint. They use renewable energy sources during manufacturing and sustainable products such as recycled polyester for their products. Something slightly out of the box by Nike is that they pushed 650 of its suppliers spread across 52 countries to create and implement a written environmental policy.

Our last example is the global search engine which I’m sure you found this article through, Google. Google uses renewable energy sources to power its facilities as well as bizarre activities such as hosting farmers markets, sustainable cooking seminars and using goats to cut the grass!

All of these companies have made their CSR and sustainable practices part of their companies DNA. Nikes advertising shows that they are doing good and Googles corporate culture has a reputation as a forward-thinking company. Every company is doing something, and we’d like to hear what your company is doing as part of its sustainability, so Tweet as @Optimy #sustainability.