Claim your time back with Optimy’s features


Are you one of those people who dream of a 30-hour day so that you can manage all your tasks? Dream of managing all pending assignments and still find free time for you in the middle of them? Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to change chronological conventions. But the good news is that some time-saving Optimy features may be enough to get you organised and claim your time back.

Today, the average office worker is overwhelmed with countless deadlines, meetings, emails, and tasks, which means that you probably don’t have time to dedicate all of your energy to connect with your local community on a personal level as you would like. Fortunately, solutions such as Optimy can make your life easier. 

To better ensure the success of the projects, whether they are aimed at applicants or internal stakeholders, you must know these management tools that save time, money, and energy. To understand better the best Optimy features that can help you save time, we talked to one of our most experienced Account Executives, Jean-Philippe Dumont. With more than eight years of experience with Optimy’s tools, he is the person responsible for helping some of our biggest clients such as Fondation Chanel, Airbus, and Foundation BNP Paribas. Here are some of the features he recommends: 


Automatic filtering:

According to Jean-Phillippe, one of the most time-saving tools is the automatic filtering application. With this feature, you can choose to filter each application according to your own criteria. If the applicant meets all the selected criteria, the project is pre-selected. If not, the applicant gets an automatic email informing their project has not been chosen. Randstad is one of the Optimy’s clients that have been using this time-saving feature. The Dutch multinational corporation uses the Optimy solution to filter incoming requests based on their specific criteria and automate personalised replies to each application submitter. Thanks to Optimy software, all incoming requests are automatically filtered, so the team only spends time on those requests that match the most with their strategies. 



Automatic Workflow: 

Custom workflows that match precisely how teams work is another excellent way to save time. Jean-Philippe explains that with this feature, Optimy users can make sure that processes are followed by creating a workflow that obliges specific tasks to be done in a particular order. With this feature, tasks are also created automatically and shown on users’ dashboards. 

The Michelin Corporate Foundation is among the users of the automatic workflow feature. Once Michelin has accepted an application, the Optimy tool keeps track of processes, documentation, and tasks that are being carried out for all projects, storing it neatly on a centralised dashboard.

“This is very useful when organisations have a complex project management flow with many people involved,” describes Jean-Philippe. Indeed, some Optimy clients go as far as using 47 automated workflows simultaneously to match their processes. 



Customised documents: 

Another feature that helps people save time according to our Account Executive is the Document generator. With it, users can quickly generate letters or agreements automatically. This is how it works: the feature takes specific data from each project and pre-fills it automatically in the document. In a matter of seconds, you have a contract, or any other type of documents, with all the information you need, amazing, right? 

Furthermore, this feature can also be used as the basis for internal and external reports. He explains why such a simple feature is so popular: “It is very time-consuming changing little details in many different documents. This tool takes data from the projects and automatically generates documents that are ready to be sent, so it saves a lot of time.” Certainly, this gives users advantages in terms of time, energy, and improvement of the collaboration as they don’t need to mobilise resources to create new documents each time. 

If you too are one of those busy people who have a hectic work schedule and feel like you’re always running late with a task, you can start using some of these features and organise your workload. With just a few clicks, you will be able to transform yourself into a person who is on top of all projects, and that will lead you to have free time to amplify your corporate social impact. 

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