How can your foundation take part in sustainable development?

If anyone has the power to take part in the sustainable development and see results, it would be foundations. Larger foundations like the Conrad N. Hilton, UPS Foundation and many more really focus on making the world a better place.
This means that every project taking part in it will be dedicated to ending poverty, hunger, and benefit the health, education, gender equality, clean water, affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, resilient infrastructure, reduced inequalities, sustainable cities, responsible consumption, climate action, protecting our oceans, preserving our land, promoting peaceful and inclusive societies, and strengthening partnerships to address these challenges.
It is believed that global problems are also local problems and foundations need to collaborate so everyone can take part in working towards ending poverty. 
Philanthropy needs to play its part in raising awareness and implementing support for the universal SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The U.N. is in the process of identifying more than 200 indicators to help measure success in achieving the 17 goals and their 169 targets.

Here is how your foundation can take part in sustainable development:

Ensure that your goals align with SDGs:

As a foundation, you have the power to control what your projects will be going towards. If your project goals align with SDGs then you are already putting your foundation’s effort into sustainable development.

Bringing more awareness on poverty to the local community:

When your foundation is in a community, you have the power to ensure that the community is aware of the issues so they can put small efforts into helping SDGs. If they are unaware of it, they wouldn’t know what they should be working towards. Your foundation can help to raise the awareness within the community.

Find a way to involve the community towards SDGs:

Since you stand for being trusted in the community to improving lives and working towards solving problems, you can easily get the community involved with sustainable development by creating events that the community can join in.
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