The ultimate bookmark list for grant management professionals

Looking for the right website about grant management may be a little exhausting as there are so many options out there, some useful and some not. This article has your back and consists of  articles and podcasts that are essential for Grant Management Professionals. Before moving on to the articles and podcasts, below is a short video on how to simplify your grant management, from basics to having the right mindset and attitude for success.


#Grantchat is a blog that grant management professionals should consider saving as a bookmark. The website has articles with useful articles for grant professionals as well as live twitter conversations which are answered by grant professionals. Here are some of our best picks from #Grantchat that you may consider saving as a bookmark.

Podcast – free of charge!

Another simple way to get all the insights you may need for the world of grant management is through podcasts. Below you can find four of our handpicked podcasts!

  • The Mindset Behind Grants – managing a grant is not easy however having the right and most basic mindset is very important. It may not be easy to adapt but having a basic understanding will help you manage it even better.
  • Emergency Grant Management – If you would like a better understanding of what emergency grant management is and to understand how important it is, this podcast is for you!
  • Grants Management 101 – consist of five sessions, with a few professional grant management speakers to give you a better understanding of what grant management is based on real life situations and the importance of grants as it gives opportunities to many people.

Here you have a list of material to bookmark in order to gather all the information you need to succeed in the world of grant management.

Below are some links from other sites that you may find useful

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