3 approaches to small event-sponsorship that will increase your exposure

Big companies sometimes come up with the most incredible and unique sponsorship ideas. IBM is a multi-billion dollar company, but it had one major problem: people used to associate the brand with hardware, while analysis and cloud computing would have been more appropriate. Probably for this reason they sponsored both the Wimbledon and The Masters Golf Tournament and provided both events with some truly amazing analysis of the games played.

Sponsorship doesn’t always need to be this big. Smaller companies can also leverage their exposure at smaller events. Companies don’t need to limit themselves to a simple logo placement, but can engage in meaning sponsorships on the cheap which will help to stand out and connect with the potential customer.
Engaging with people on an event is always a good starting point. For instance, by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot on an event, companies can not only provide value to the visitors, but also seize it as an opportunity to place a logo on the login page, connect with the visitor on social media or make them sign-up to a newsletter.
A more direct approach can be taken as well. Setting up a games lounge will encourage the visitors socialize at an event and give you a chance to have a chat with them while they wait their turn. Depending on the event, companies can also organize Q&A sessions to speak with the target audience, or have a stand to let the visitors try your products.
Rather than attract potential customers, companies can also actively go after them. While handing out flyers is a classic way to share a message, you can add an extra dimension by throwing in something interesting in the mix. Having professionals on Segway’s driving around, handing out materials, samples or even collecting information from interested passerby’s will give you an edge over a regular flyer.
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