Alperia and Enel: together speeding up towards electric mobility in Italy

Electric mobility is the area of growth and strong expansion.
There are 160,000 companies in Italy that are directly or indirectly involved with electric mobility. Those companies have about 820,000 employees according to a research carried out by The European House-Ambrosetti in collaboration with Enel.

Electric mobility is becoming increasingly popular. An important action was taken by our customer Alperia, which, in March, signed an agreement with Enel X and Enel Group company. They are responsible for developing electric mobility and digital services, to launch technological tests of interoperability of charging stations for electric vehicles.
The test provides the respective customers of the two companies with the possibility of recharging their electric vehicles using the columns of the local operator Alperia or the national operator Enel.
This way, all Enel customers in South Tyrol will have at their disposal over fifty Alperia charging stations distributed in the region. Columns distributing energy from local hydroelectric power stations in Alperia itself.
Alperia customers will also be able to use the various Enel charging stations throughout Italy and make all types of travel more convenient, even those with a wider range.
It is through these initiatives that show us that a paradigm shift is possible and in order to achieve it, there is a need for a policy support with incentive rules and for continuous collaboration between private and public sectors.
This way is it possible to implement a national plan for the diffusion of electric mobility in Italy and accelerate its implementation in a sustainable way.

Article written by Lucrezia Fratocchi and edited by Alessandro Beasley