5 great examples of sponsoring local events and its benefits!

Sponsoring projects is a great way to promote a company and its values. However, it is often considered a very costly expense which is difficult to achieve for smaller businesses. A solution to this problem is sponsoring local events, which are less costly to sponsor and offer various advantages such as targeting a niche market and driving sales in a specific area. They also offer companies the opportunity to get in touch with local communities and show their ethical commitment to communities. Check out some examples of local events sponsorship.


Kaboom is an American non-profit organisation that is dedicated to constructing parks in areas of the country which do not have any. This is done with the goal to give children anywhere the opportunity for balanced and active play.
Recently, they built a park in an area of the city of Anaheim in the state of California and is, amongst others, home to the Disneyland Resort. This local event of constructing the park was brought about thanks to sponsorship from the Walt Disney Company. They helped finance the park as well as had some of their employees volunteer to build it alongside Kaboom volunteers. In this way, the Disney Company profited from the advantages of sponsoring a local event such as this park.    

Vaincre la Mucoviscidose

Another example of a local event sponsored is the “Virade des Rois” organised yearly by the French non-profit organisation Vaincre la Mucoviscidose. This event consists of a triathlon in the morning followed by a fair in the park grounds of the city of St Germain en Laye in the Parisian suburbs.
This event is sponsored by the city which is offering its park grounds as well as local companies such as Endurance Shop which is based in the city of St Germain en Laye. It is also sponsored by larger companies such as the Pierre et Vacances Center Parks group. These have allowed local as well as larger companies to gain visibility in this city and with regards to the participants of the event. The event is also documented by media due to the crowd it attracts each year, as a result, it is possible to gain nationwide exposure with less cost than the sponsorship of a larger event.

United Tire & Service

On the 8th of October, Six Degrees of Delco is organising a 5km run for charity in the city of Concordville. The event celebrates the heritage and community of Delaware Country and proceeds will go to the Delaware County Heroes Scholarship Fund and other local foundations.
In order to be able to successfully bring about this event, it has been sponsored by local companies among which the Concordville location of United Tire and Service. This allows for a local event to be sponsored by a local branch of a company without necessarily involving the brand at a higher level.

Liège TedX

TedX organises many events in various locations around the world. It always aims to have some local sponsors as well as larger ones in order to be able to involve the community in its talks.
For example, on the 20th of May this year, TedX organised a talk in the city of Liege in Belgium. In order to bring about a successful event, it brought in local sponsors such as the city of Liege and the Liègetogether group as well as larger companies such as HelloBank or Comptarama.

Smoke & Fire Festival

The 2017 Smoke & Fire Festival is a celebration of the art of cooking with fire & smoke and will take place in August in the city of Maldon in the United Kingdom. The festival aims to bring people together around the art of BBQing and has exhibitors and demonstrations or workshops.
In order to be able to hold this free not for profit event, the organisers found a variety of sponsors, all of them local or from the UK. This brings local products such as the ‘Farmer’s Ales’ from the Maldon brewery to light and makes them more known to the local population.

Here you have a few examples of sponsorship of local events and how it can positively affect the firm, whether it is a large firm or a local SME.

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