4 trends to watch in sports sponsorship

So you place yourself as being in the sponsorship industry and you question how the sponsorship industry is going to move forward next year, in 2018. Since 2017 has already surprised us with an increase in sponsorship through technology, let’s have a look to see what 2018 has to offer us.

Data to be used more

Data is good, accurate data is even better! Data can help you identify what works and what doesn’t work for you based on the results of the data you are exploring. It can also help you identify if there are any other channels that you can deliver your brand’s message through sponsorship. Most importantly, data will allow you to measure the success of the sponsorship event that you have sponsored.

An increase in shirt sponsorship

There will be an increase in a shirt sponsorship because more teams will be starting up over the year. This will give sponsors an opportunity to choose the right team to represent their brand. A shirt sponsorship is also a benefit to brands because it won’t be worn just at the game but fans that buys the shirt often wear it whenever they want. Wherever they go, your brand will be visible. If the event will be broadcasted, your brand will also be visible to where the game is being streamed.

The connected experience

With the raise in the use of technology, audiences do not need to be at the game to witness the game anymore. TV channels will be filming the the game to allow those who have no chance to go to the game to become a part of it too. This allow brands to be more creative with how they choose to sponsor, either at the stadium sponsoring the team, which, when broadcasted, can be seen anyway, or with the TV channel where audiences at home will be able to see the advertisement of that brand that sponsored their channel.

Sponsorship is to be driven by technology

Sponsoring worldwide is made possible through technology! No matter where your brand is in the world, if your brand is looking to expand in another geographical area, it is made possible through sponsorship where your ideal customers are. You will have an opportunity to be sponsoring an event that your ideal consumers will be attending.

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