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6 inspiring Latin American women

6 Inspiring Latin American Women Who Are Making an Impact on the World  

  Latin America is one of the regions with the greatest obstacles for female entrepreneurship, mainly caused by gender gaps. The situation begins at childhood…

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5 Reasons to switch from Excel to Optimy

    From simple home budget spreadsheets to files with thousands of tabs used by giant corporations, Excel is one of the most popular software…

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The 5 Biggest challenges of corporate volunteering – and how to solve them

  In the past years, corporate volunteering has proven to be an excellent tool to increase work productivity and a way to create a better…

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Check which Optimy features can help you measure ROI

Optimy features that help you measure ROI 

  When investing, in whatever it is, every organization expects a return. Through the profits generated, the investment of capital becomes attractive and adds value…

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Transforming a non-profit professional experience into a CSR one

As we mentioned in the last blog post, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a big job relocation. We have given some tips on how to…

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The Future of Work

The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest game-changer in a century. It has been changing the way we do business, our hygiene habits, and of course,…

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5 Tips to promote your CSR activities

Has your organisation created a CSR strategy, is it contributing to sustainable development, has a motivated team aligned with its values, promotes social actions, but…

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Optimy launches CSR Podcast

We are happy to announce that Optimy is launching its first podcast. And in this very first episode, we thought it would be nice to…

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Claim your time back with Optimy’s features

  Are you one of those people who dream of a 30-hour day so that you can manage all your tasks? Dream of managing all…

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5 biggest CSR myths debunked

  There was a time when people dreamed of working in large corporations, of distributing business cards of famous brands that were designed to generate…

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