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Automatic Filtering

Automatically pre-screen incoming applications based on specific criteria

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Automatic filtering of requests:

  • Once your form is live, you can choose to filter the applications with the automation;
  • Select the answers that must be in the application;
  • If all the selection criteria are met, the project is pre-selected;
  • If not, then it will be automatically rejected.

Great for


Pre-selecting the applications


Save time and resources


Have a reduced number of applications

Email templates

Automatically decline projects that don’t match your criteria

Make sure that the projects you’ll end up with are matching your basic criteria. Don’t go through all of them to see if it is the case and focus on other key elements to make your choice.

Automatic filtering

Don’t waste time and energy in reviewing all the projects

Don’t waste resources on projects that you are sure you won’t accept anyway. Focus on only the applications that match the basic criteria that you have.

Adapt the criteria over time

You may change of criteria of choice over time. No worries, you can still adapt the criteria when needed!