Automatic Delegation

Automatically delegating tasks and projects to users/teams based on defined criteria.

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Delegating tasks in Optimy :


  • Create rules based on the data of the application.
  • Link a user or a team to the case predefined;
  • The tasks will be created in the leader.s dashboards;
  • Reminders are sent to the leaders of the projects.

Great for

Streamlining the work of a team

Automating the recurrent taks

Finding a balance in the distribution of the work

Distribute projects automatically to users according to criteria (ie regions)

Use this feature to distribute equally the projects, according to the relevant criteria, between the teams and team members. Support your delegation processes by following the delegation criteria to automate the assignation of tasks.

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Ensure that the right info goes to the right user

By assigning the tasks automatically, the team members can concentrate on the projects info. The project’s leaders are chosen according to specific criteria. This way, you are sure that the right leader is in charge of the right project. Plus, you make sure that everyone has access to all the data needed.

Reassign projects in the team

Oversight the assignation of projects and correct the delegation in case something went wrong. Ease the collaboration by doing so.

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